Primarily a painter of our land, water and sky, I started sketching and painting in the mid-1980’s. Years later I found the process of painting had become part of me…something I had to do.  It was a relaxing world. Many strokes of paint laid down over the past 30 plus years, completed both in my studio and in plein air, have helped me garner the success I have achieved to date. 

My work has included early experimental abstract expressionism, created in watercolor and acrylic media, to oil representational impressionism.  Experimentation has become a habit.

The process of creating each piece brings me complete satisfaction…from the initial quick sketch of the scene to the fully developed piece…providing happiness and enjoyment to me…as well as to the observer. I seek color and I am drawn to the simplicity of the shapes and the radiance of objects I see. Physically, I want to feel them…I do when I can. Emotionally, I experience them through each stroke. That is why I paint!

I paint what feels strong to me…and search to find my path into each piece.  As a result, you will often find simple trails or roads, moving water, lively clouds or pure stokes of color leading somewhere…just as what happens with the paths we take in our lives. Observation, experimentation, and my interest in “what is around the corner” for each of us in life serves as my inspiration and guide. 

I am a participating artist in the decades old Sonoma County Art Trails Open Studio Program held each year during the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October.  My painting, “Sunset Along Poppy Creek” was selected as the cover image of the “2016 Art Trails Collector’s Guide,” representing the work of the 173 participating juried artists.

My work resides in regional, national and international locations…in both private and permanent collections.  I show my work at various venues throughout the year, including galleries that represent my work. Sutter Hospital, in Santa Rosa, California, has included my work on its 2nd Floor hallways and patient rooms as part of its Permanent Collection.  Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Rosa also includes my work to its permanent collection.

Born in Whittier, California in 1946, I have lived in, and enjoyed, Sonoma County since 1973.

Bill Gittins
Bill Gittins